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Each school usually has its own library where students can find everything they might need for their studies. Encyclopedia, dictionaries or the dreaded Grandmother by Božena Němcová. However, the problem is sometimes precisely the registration of loans and the cataloging of a large number of books. eVerbis can easily handle all of this. Moreover, no professional librarian is needed to operate it. Thanks to its friendliness and intuitive user interface, absolutely everyone can handle it.


Connection with school systems

Thanks to eVerbis, entering individual readers into the system is a thing of the past. The system automatically synchronizes teachers and students registered in the most widespread Czech school programs, such as Bachelors, EduPage, Edookit or Online School. It also includes a comprehensive catalog of books, which is linked to the catalog of the National Library of the Czech Republic. The system can therefore also be used as a separate search portal. You can even find up to 7 million records in it!


Simple cataloging

The system supports all the functions that are needed for the flawless operation of the library. In addition to the interface for borrowing, the registration of books, their copies and subsequent cataloging is a matter of course. By assigning individual specimens to thematic groups, you can easily and quickly create, for example, a canon for the literature graduation exam. But books are not the only thing you can add, Verbis can also deal with magazines or audiovisual materials.


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Division of the library into several buildings

Adjustable funds and revisions (inventory)

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Complete data transfer from other systems

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Do you need to register books in your public library, school library or at home? With eVerbis, you can create your own clear online library in just a few clicks. And that's completely free!

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