Complete nonstop library solution


Easy operation

Simple operation both for the librarian who prepares the ordered books and also for the reader who orders the book via the web catalog of the library system. The reader only enters a numerical code (PIN) on the VerbisBox keyboard, which he receives in an SMS message or by e-mail.


Still accessible and independent

Books are also available to the reader outside the library's opening hours, and the reader can pick them up at any time and completely anonymously. VerbisBox can also be used to return books. VerbisBox can be placed in outdoor spaces without the need for a cable power supply. energy. In that case, the entire device is powered only by the battery, which is continuously recharged by the solar panel. The Internet connection is secured by a mobile data network (e.g. O2).


Connection to any library system

VerbisBox cooperates not only with the Verbis library system, but also with any library system that has the standard SIP2 library communication protocol. The connection is tested, for example, for the Tritius system.

Here you can find VerbisBox

Městská knihovna Valašské Meziříčí

Městská knihovna Valašské Meziříčí

Valašské Meziříčí

Městská knihovna

Městská knihovna


Městská knihovna

Městská knihovna


Masarykova veřejná knihovna

Masarykova veřejná knihovna


Knihovna Matěje Josefa Sychry

Knihovna Matěje Josefa Sychry

Ždár nad Sázavou

Knihovna Václava Čtvrtka v Jičíně

Knihovna Václava Čtvrtka v Jičíně


Technical specifications

Electronics communicates with the library system via the Internet.
The reader orders a book through the library's web catalog and chooses the option to pick up the book in VerbisBox.
The librarian will take the prepared books to the box.
Takes book identification (barcode or RFID), VerbisBox opens the appropriate box where the librarian puts the book and closes the box. One box can contain several books for one reader. The reader will receive a notification (SMS, e-mail) with a collection code. When picking up the order, the reader enters a code on the VerbisBox keyboard and the corresponding box opens. The loan is made at the moment the box is opened. The reader is advised to close the box.

  • Power supply

  • Dimensions

  • Internet connection

  • Assembly and anchoring

  • Locks

  • Color

  • Roof

  • Internal design of the box


1 rack = 7 boxes + electronics

from 5,000 EUR including installation

2 rack = 16 boxes + electronics

from 7,800 EUR including installation

3 rack = 25 boxes + electronics

from 10,000 EUR including installation


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