Solutions for museums, archives and professional institutions


Possibility of customization

Verbis is a perfect tool not only for libraries. It will also be used by museums, archives, galleries and other professional institutions. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of configuration, everyone can customize the system exactly according to their wishes.

Complete specification
  • Support of RFID Technologies

  • Keep your data safe

  • Connection to the central library

  • Automatic updates

  • Professional support

  • Leave it to us

  • Open interface

  • Data conversion


Online catalog not only for books

You don't have to register only books in Verbis. The system will also be used for online registration of other collections, whether they are pictures, objects or document scans. He will even take care of audio or audiovisual materials. Verbis doesn't know the word limit, you just have to choose.

Complete specification
  • Complete catalogs

  • Special database configuration

  • Digital library

  • Modern system

  • Easy to use

  • Safe to use

  • Modular appliaction

  • Configurable



We are building a strong community that drives Verbis forward. We meet regularly, an extensive help desk and a reminder system are available. Every month we meet with customers through an online meeting, where we inform them about what we are currently working on.

Go over
  • Ticket system

  • Help

  • We are available for you

  • Daily backups


Do you want to create a customized offer?

Do not hesitate to contact us.


VerbisBox is a self-service rental box for picking up ordered or reserved books.

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